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Welcome to the Frequent Flyer Wiki!


Welcome to the Frequent Flyer Wiki, a little wiki for people who spend much of their time in airports. The main unit of presentation for the page is the airport, with information about good places to eat, parking, hints for getting through security quickly, etc. for each. There's also a frequent flyer ResourcePage where with links to sites of interest for frequent fliers.


I created this site on Dec. 20th, 2005 as a place to capture and share much of what I've learned as a frequent flyer, and thought that it would serve even better as a collaborative resource. That's where you come in: anybody is welcome to modify or create pages on this site. Any traveler tips are welcome, but the audience is people who spend much of their time on airplanes and in airports.


Anyone can contribute!

Click the Log in to Edit button above and enter the password "ffw." Contribute what you will, and have fun, but please don't spam me.


How to get started

Some information for people who are new to wikis or wish to contribute to this site:


  • Learn how to quickly use bold, italics, tables, and more. Check out our wiki style page.


  • Start playing around with the wiki. Get a feel for things in the SandBox and click the Edit this page button either above or below.


  • Create a new page. There are two ways:
  1. Type a word with SeveralCapitalLetters (or even type NewPage), which will automatically create a link to that page! A dashed underline means the page doesn't exist yet.
  2. Put [brackets] around any word to create a new page. For example, if you wanted a page named cars, you could just type [cars].


  • If you choose to add a new airport article, please use the AirportTemplate and name the article after the airport and its three-letter code (example: "AirportnamePHL"), and then add it to the SideBar page.



About me? I'm Alan L. Nelson and a frequent flyer. If you're curious, there's more about me here.

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